Contractors Collections

Hire us to Collect Debts on Your Behalf


Have you taken a job, performed the work and now the owner is dragging his feet to pay the bill?  

In an industry where time is money, do you have the time to waste going after this person or company to get what you are owed?

We can help! At Aegis Business Services, our focus is collecting money that is owed to you for the services you performed. 

Our office takes every available legal step, including filing actions in court, if necessary. We fight to get the money your hard work deserves. We spend OUR time collecting for you. When we take over collection efforts, you are free to do the work you do best. We worry with the legal work and deadlines.

Let us help you get the money you are owed.

Like you, at Aegis Business Solutions we work hard to collect the money owed to our clients. This service includes telephone calls, letters, filing Liens, or filing a court action in Magistrate, State or even Superior Court.

We work hard to put that money in your pocket.

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